Come and join an incredible five day online challenge! Yes, In Just FIVE Days you will discover FIVE things that your children of any age need from their Godly dad. Dare to be challenged. Dare to be changed!
It all starts on the 21st of June.

We will spend time GROWING, LEARNING, AND LAUGHING TOGETHER and experiencing the Father Heart of God together

In a world of broken homes and absent fathers it is clear to see that the world needs great Godly Dads.

More importantly your children need their great Godly dad. In the busyness of life as we juggle work, hobbies, responsibilities, church, finance, ministries and so much more.  It’s easy to lose your focus of what’s important in life, our relationships, our relationship with God, our partners and our children.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. 

Jesus said no one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart who has made him known” (John 1:18).

Why Do I Need To Be A Great Godly Dad?

Your children are a gift to you from God, yes, they can be lots of fun and challenging at other times. in amongst playing, educating, cleaning, feeding offering a free taxi service and letting them go on to make a life of their own. At the centre of all of this your primary role as a Godly dad is to help them experience the Father love for themselves and enter into a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus was the only one who could reveal his father’s heart to us because of the intimate relationship that existed between him and his father. As you lean into and experience the father heart of God for yourself in a greater way so this will have a positive impact for you and your child/ren.  Your child/ren will initially discover the Father Heart of God through you, yes you, because the deeper you go and the more you experience for yourself the more you will shine and reflect the father’s heart to your children and those around you. The more you allow yourself to lean into intimacy the father offers us as his children  the more we become like him. The more we become like him the better fathers become, why because true transformation happens from the inside out.

World success is defined by what we have, heavenly success is defined by who we are becoming.  

As your children grow, they will try to fill the Father heart shaped hole in their lives with lots of different things, but you know those things alone are not the answer. Helping them to discover a life-transforming relationship with God is the key to significant living. 

What Will You Learn?


5 Things Your Children Needs From You The Most.

In order to create a life that reflects the Father heart of God in and through you, we are going to spend time experiencing him and will unpack five things that your child needs from their Godly dad.

A Loving Father

A Forgiving Father

A present Father

A Father that doesn’t take himself too seriously

A Praying Father 


You’ll leave this event designing your own roadmap on how to become a great Godly dad.

Each day during the ‘How To Become A Great Godly Dad’ challenge you’ll discover ONE specific exercise to follow immediately to take your parenting to a deeper level. 

STEP 3Rediscover your priorities

With the help of the Holy Spirit this challenge is designed to give you a fresh perspective on your role and priorities as a father.  As you have a fresh look at what is most important to you, we pray that you will discover a new level of impact and excitement in experiencing and reflecting the Father heart of God 

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WHO Will I Learn From?

So, you will join Aaron Walker and special guests every day for 5 days at 7pm and learn some of the best ways you can be a great Godly Dad. You will be sent emails and prompts throughout the day getting you ready for the evening sessions. Delivered by six amazing speakers!

 Alistair TaylorRichard DawsonJames KarunakaranAndy KindGeoff PickupAndy Frost


Dare to be challenged. Dare to be changed!

Your children need their great Godly Dad!

This challenge starts 21st June, 2021 and once we start, there’s no slowing down. Take responsibility, take action now and join Aaron and team for what is going to be an amazing 5 days.